Marriage risk vs entrepreneurial risk???

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Have you ever thought of the risks of a marriage for a woman? More often than not, the curse cannot be undone.

It seems that marriage is the riskiest activity of all, in the life of a woman. Let's see what kind of risks a marriage represents.

To start with, a marriage can end in divorce and often in a bad divorce.

Then often there is a risk of violence involved in a marriage.

A lot of violence sometimes.

Physical, mental.

Also death.

There is the risk that if women get raped by their own husband and they can't even report it.

Then there is the risk that women can’t decide for themselves how many children they can have and when can they have them.

There is the risk that they will never have children.

There is also the risk that they cant decide for themselves if they want to have more children or use contraception.

Childbirth is a life risk on its own. Women still die every day during childbirth.

Another risk is to have to stay in a recked marriage that often is arranged.

There is the risk that love ends.

There is the risk that they love someone else.

There is also the risk that they are not into men.

There is the risk that women will never have rights.

There is a betrayal risk also.

Or that the husband marries some other wife at the same time and that all the wives have to co-exist together.

Then there are also a lot of other risks... (Did I forget smth ? Pls add in the comments)

And then, there is the risk of the risks that some of the above happen all at the same time.


BUT women marry nevertheless.

They take the risks! All of them. And do marry! Sometimes also several times. So, nobody tells me women are risk-averse!

The question is why do they take the risk? I asked a lot around ( I actually run a survey on this) and I got a lot of answers. And I boiled them down to this: -My mother married. My grandmother did. My aunt, my sister, my neighbour and so on.

Practically role models. So, we undertake very high risky activities because of role models???

(To all the guys reading and disagreeing, OF COURSE marriage is very risky for rich men in some countries. They can lose the half of their wealth)

Photo credits ATDSPHOTO on Pixabay

Risk ( Cambridge dictionary )

risk noun /rɪsk/- the possibility of something bad happening; danger, or the possibility of danger, defeat, loss;

risk verb /rɪsk/ -to do something although there is a chance of a bad result;

What about entrepreneurship? How is the risk of entrepreneurship to be compared with the risk of marriage?

So when you hear people tell you this: “Man dominates the startup domain because they are less risk-averse. As 95% of startups fail, it is not surprising that the startups have been more appealing to men.”

Please start thinking that this has to change! To all the women entrepreneurs out there please make yourself visible. Please tell your younger sisters or daughters or girlfriends that entrepreneurship is not riskier than other things. Like Marriage.

A startup can fail. Of course, it can. Also, the second startup can fail. But how would you know? If you have never tried? Try new things. More exciting.

This is something that should change. Maybe not tomorrow, but if we all join forces today, then the day after tomorrow…..

We at the GoodStartup School dream of a society where startup businesses are half-led by females.

WeDO5 changing the world one ( female) startup at the time.

#goodstartupschool #womenintech #womenwhostartup #dontplaythegamechangeit #wedo5 #oneforequal




An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

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AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

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