Hic sunt dracones- Blockchain, token economics and else

credit Barroa_Artworks on Pixabay

Hic sunt dracones (HC SVNT DRACONES) is latin and means -Here be dragons!

It was used in medieval world-maps to mark unknown, unexplored or dangerous territories. Drawings of dragons, sea monsters and other mythological creatures were put on uncharted areas of maps where potential dangers were thought to exist. And today, a time with so many digital dragons for most of us, it seems that blockchain is the biggest and yet the most unexplored.

Its most prominent product the bitcoin, which turned 11 this year, came with the promise to turn the traditional financial system on its head. Still the everyday user either doesn’t know it or has no practical use for it.

But so many other use cases are to be explored….

A couple of weeks ago the Austrian Startups Association organized the #hackthecrisis hackathaon (which is taking place in so many countries right now) to find solutions against Covid19 crisis.

I was a mentor and I had the luck to work closely with many teams.

Cool projects, a lot of them, were created and some of them did great advances on one weekend only. Personally, having been in the startup space for so many years I have been exposed to a lot of ground breaking ideas. Two projects caught my attention and both of them were blockchain supported.

Credit Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

One of them IAmImmune and the other one E-Voting

The claim of “I am Immune and I can prove it” is to develop certificates for people who are immune to covid19 and save these certificates in a digital wallet. Like that the people who are immune can leave home and go back to the working life.

I am pretty sure that this idea needs a lot of pivoting but it is worth to give it a chance. At the moment 90% of the people are lockdown or working from home-office and 10% are working outside and they are selected by fate and their profession to be out there.



The claim E-Voting is to make possible digital voting for the whole public.

This development is a secure way to participate in elections from your couch, based on proven methods of cryptography in combination with blockchain.

In times of lockdown, that nobody knows how long will be, some countries have to go to elections. With the help of blockchain technology this could be possible and not let postpone whole elections. We in Austria are pretty advanced as we already have postal voting. The analog postal voting is when ballot papers are distributed to electors or returned by post, in contrast to electors voting in person at a polling station. Thus the e-voting would be just a small step forward and will make possible that also younger people and IT-savvy generations go to vote.

I find both projects got less attention and I decided to write about them. Searching the startup space, I found out that many other projects like these, that can revolutionize our life, have also been attracting less to no attention at all.

I am also a newbie.

I didn’t know much about blockchain and the rest a year ago.

Last year in Ghana, in a startup mentoring round, the swiss startup SwissNodes tried to explain me their business model. Afterwards an Italian and Turkish startup I meet have been developing blockchain solutions. Thus I decided these are good reasons for me to know more about blockchain.

I read, everything what was not nailed down, and researched every possible free material. I also followed paid online courses, bought and read books, joined communities, followed different meetings and conferences , also the noncon2020 talks, met and talked to experts. And now my brain is on fire.

The more I read, the more I think I know, the more I don’t know. Nevertheless more former dragon-territories are charted in my map, and I am still exploring.

That’s why I am qualified to explain to the rest of you simply why and how to unchart these territories and why these dragons are so important to get to know. Now.

At the end WEB3 is coming we want it or not. At least let’s get prepared to it.

Source Shermin Voshmgir from her book Token Economy

I always remember my great-grandmother who was a very smart woman and died pretty early, much before mobile phones and personal computers became gadgets. How could I explain to her solutions like diclaro, meetfox goodmobile, discord, ecosia ,markta and many more?

Today the blockchain domain is mainly populated by technology savvy people like computer scientists, mathematicians and so on.

I strongly believe that for blockchain technology to advance, different perspectives and disciplines should be taken into account.

For example just looking at token economics, it answers why more interdisciplinary people and teams are requested to participate and make these networks work.

If you want to know more here some books to read and some websites to follow.

I wish you a sunny day 🔆 !

· Token Economy 2019 by Dr Shermin Voshmgir

· UN BLOKED –Blockchain for Sustainabilty 2020- Cryptoeconomics Research Lab, of the Vienna University of Economics

· Free resounces BlockchainHub Berlin http://blockchainhub.net

Keywords: Blockchain , Blockchain for beginners, noncon2020, Token economics, Digital wallet, Startups




An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

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AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

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