Don´t play the game, change it! Why women and girls should rise today and learn entrepreneurship skills, build startups and shine!!!

One famous shoe company, end of last century, did send different sales representatives to a developing region to investigate the market. All the messages coming from the region so far were: “Nobody in this area wears shoes. So, there is no market for our products there.”

But one day, one of the sales executive came back saying, “Nobody in this area wears shoes! So, there’s a huge market opportunity for our products there!”

There are 9% of women involved founding startups in Austria and 20% in Silicon Valley!

We all are aware that startups are built to solve unsolved customer niche problems and female problems make almost 50% of world’s problems.

And how are these problems being designed and solved so far when female founders are almost not present in the design, validation or in the decision-making?

We at WeDO5 really believe that for the startup ecosystems, innovative approaches and technologies to evolve in the future, we must take both female and male perspectives into account. And how can we take female perspectives into account if there are almost no females in the business?

This is one of the many reasons to why female multidisciplinary startup programs should be developed and implemented. But also female startups founders and enthusiasts are so very important to act as role models and community inspirations.

On the other hand 80% of the women, have at least 10 business ideas in their head per year and more often then not they don’t pursue them.

The very early stage of developing an idea into a business idea is very crucial.

The current alternatives for addressing this problem are very rare and if at all they offer support mainly to products/services/ solutions that are ready to market or that they have at least a MVP. And if your have a good MVP and traction than everyone is willing to support you , incubate and accelerate your idea or even invest on it.

While everybody is harvesting the question that comes naturally is -but who is farming?

Our primary data research has shown than 90 % of the women abandon the business idea in the very early stage of it, because they don’t find emotional support or don’t know where and how to ask for hands-on entrepreneurial support.

Someone has to start farming for good, impactful world positive startups.

Our world is changing rapidly, and we better prepare to design businesses that are world friendly for the coming years. In the economy of the future, being Good will not be nice-to-have, but the Core. A culture of Unicorns is so popular in the startup space. Nevertheless, the attention is goings back to buildings startups than combine profit and impact and don’t sacrifice the one for the other -the so called zebra startups (see zebrasunite).

So, our aim at WeDO5 is to empower women and girls to rise and start solving their own problems by building tech and non tech impact startups. And we are fully aware how hard this is. Because to change the world is much more difficult than to build an app, or to make some VCs happy and rich.

We see ourselves as farmers of female startups and female entrepreneurship culture for future generations.

That’s why we started the GoodStartup School as a virtual startup school and incubation program.

It is designed and implemented by women startup founders for women startup founders.

It is designed for all women of all ages and all locations by thus making possible that also women form remote and under resourced communities to join.

Our mantra is ‘There is a special place in heaven for women who help other women to rise, grow, and shine!’






An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

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AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

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