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Greenwell energy produces greenheat form empty oil and gas wells, and delivers the heat to agropreneurs that grow heat intensive products

When we started with our Greenwell energy project a lot of people dared to say to our face that this is the greatest idea they have heard but it will not work.

But what do we do and why it was invisible till yet?

We produce deep geothermal heat without…

On the first evening of the Startup Weekend Vienna we will have the one-minute pitch. While pitching on Friday is optional, each participant will have the chance to share their idea and inspire other participants to join her team.

pitching my funny pitch

So what is a Pitch, anyway?

A pitch is the presentation of a business idea to potential…

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You said sit down I want to tell you smth.

I sat and you said

„Xx xxxxx xxx xxx Xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx“

And then you kept talking.

I have no clue what you said after that.

My brain froze, my heart stating pumping faster , my ears only listening to a…

Beauty and the beast. Photo credits BrunaPazini0 on Pixabay

Have you ever thought of the risks of a marriage for a woman? More often that not, the curse cannot be undone.

It seems that the marriage is the riskiest activity of all, in the life af a woman. Lets see what kind of risks a marriage represents.

To start…

Fiery Mrs. Robinson — The first high heel sneaker — Photo credit: © mockery mia

One famous shoe company, end of last century, did send different sales representatives to a developing region to investigate the market. All the messages coming from the region so far were: “Nobody in this area wears shoes. So, there is no market for our products there.”

But one day, one…

This global crisis shows us what are the real important jobs our society depends on

Central Station Vienna ( Hauptbahnhof Wien 16.03.2020)

I broke the 1st day of the official quarantine in Vienna. My mother, who is in isolation at home already 4 weeks in Milano, told me she can’t find some of her medicines. I run to different pharmacies through the city. Luckily after finding them I went to the post…

AseTila Köstinger 🐝 von Sonnenland

An innovation economist. A futurist, impact entrepreneur and startup mentor. Enthusiast about the SDGs, blockchain and the future of energy.

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